Exercise Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation - Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation is a strategic, dynamic step-by-step process to restore function, fitness and capacity to the injured athlete.
Other than acute injuries, most problems occur when our functional demands from sport or daily activities exceed our ability to compensate and we become vulnerable to injury.
Although exercise and motor control constitute the cornerstone of active rehabilitation, we must respect the tissues biological timeline during the healing process.
Initial treatment may be aimed at decreasing pain and improving tissue compliance prior to exercise in the acute stages, we can also use multimodal treatment strategies to stimulate tissue repair
There is abundant evidence for a strength-based training program having favorable results for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.
Not too long ago it was thought of muscle building as the domain of body builders and Olympic lifters.
We now know now that aspects of health rely on muscular integrity and exercise is medicine. Physical exercise can be used for attenuating the loss of bone and muscle mass as we age, with favorable outcomes in the treatment of obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.
Intrinsic Extrinsic Diagram

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