Chiropractic for Common Painful Conditions

Utilising chiropractic, dry needling, acupuncture and soft tissue techniques chiropractor Raymond Smith takes a highly considered approach to easing pain and rehabilitating injuries. Through the releasing of tight muscles, optimizing joint mechanics, decreasing pain generating signals and strengthening weak muscles pain is eased.

These are common but not limited to:

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Wrist Pain
Sports Injuries


Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions will include education, to enhance functional mobility or prevent further injury allowing the patient to better manage his or her own condition.
As all health conditions are unique, chiropractors are equipped with a variety of manual therapy techniques to help get you better and manage your specific condition, including appropriate exercises tailored to improve your quality of life and wellbeing.
Some allied health techniques like acupuncture and dry needling may also be included in your recovery and pain management to help you get well faster.


Treatment is based on the history, assessment and diagnosis of the condition. Some of the assessment techniques may include mobility, functional, neurological, palpation and orthopaedic testing. Based on clinical reasoning, assessment and findings, goals and a treatment plan are established.

Chiropractic Education

Chiropractors are patient centred care providers that can assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a variety of injuries, spinal and musculoskeletal conditions.
Australian chiropractors are government registered and government regulated health professionals with a minimum of five years at university full time study, with both a Bachelor and a Masters degree.

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